Success Stories





The mother of one of the Firm secretaries was going to have surgery.  The secretary approached me (the HR Director) related to the time off and FMLA.  She was very anxious and worried about caring for her mother post-surgery and taking time off and coordinating with her sister for the care.  We had a CaregiverLife seminar scheduled that week discussing different housing options, including rehab centers.  Sue and her team took time after the program to speak 1:1 with the employee to share recommendations with the employee that encouraged pro-active coordination of resources to assist with her mother’s recovery. Two weeks later, I received an email from her that the whole family toured a rehab facility – before the surgery – and everyone liked it (including mom).  As a result of the guidance she received from CaregiverLife, she was less stressed about her mom’s care AND hasn’t needed to take time off of work to care for her. So happy to have both the resources to help the secretary’s family AND to have a more relaxed and productive employee working for us.  Gratefully – Alison Spring, Neal, Gerber and Eisenberg Law Firm

With so many of our employees now caring for aging parents we were looking for information that might help them. We were lucky enough to hear of CaregiverLife. Their team have held several seminars at our building bringing in speakers to share their expertise on legal issues, nursing care, veteran’s benefits and other important topics. The presentations have been very informative and all of the speakers have been happy to answer questions at the end of the session. The response from all of those who have attended the seminars has been extremely positive. Working with everyone associated with CaregiverLife has been a pleasure.  Judy B., Human Resources Assistant

The employee survey was a great opportunity for us to identify the number of employees struggling with work/life balance.  The customized programs and services offered by CaregiverLife have been a great support not just to our employees but to our management team as well.  Alison S. HR Benefits Administrator

We recognized that many of our employees were struggling with caregiving issues.  Having a resource like CaregiverLife made a difference to both our employees and our bottom line.  When our staff began attending the educational programs we quickly noticed that it was helping the overall moral because now our employees could get the information and resources they needed.  The CaregiverLife team was professional and went above and beyond to assist our company.  Sue W. Vice President of Human Resources