Corporate Resources

Issues associated with Employee Caregivers are impacting the profitability of companies in the United States by more than $32 billion in lost productivity annually.  This impact is the direct result of employee absenteeism to manage the care needs of their elderly parents. On top of that, employee caregivers negatively effect a company’s health care costs due to issues related to caregiver stress.

The CaregiverLife team works alongside HR, CFO’s and CEO’s offering companies an in depth look at the impact of employee caregiving in the workplace.  We provide education, tools and the resources needed to develop focused programs to assist employee caregivers.  Providing eldercare education and services in the workplace reduces FMLA leave and health care costs, thereby increasing employee productivity, workplace performance and resulting in substantial ROI’s.

Directly Connecting Employees with Caregiving Work/Life Assistance

Our services and programs include:

  • On-site/web-based elder care seminars (lunch & learn)
  • Educational programs on work/life balance
  • Management Training
  • Wellness Events/Health Fairs
  • Customizable confidential online employee caregiving survey
  • Navigation for a low monthly fee through on-site/virtual care management offering one-on-one assistance for your employees to directly connect them with the services needed for their specific caregiving situation.  In turn decreasing caregiver stress and increasing productivity.

 Supporting the growing needs of your Employees

Statistics show that over the next decade nearly half of your employees will be struggling to manage the growing needs of an aging loved one.  Programs through CaregiverLife are vital to supporting your company’s increasing need for ongoing education and resources, empowering your employee caregivers and bringing balance back to the workplace.

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