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Put Your Oxygen Mask On! – Living a more effective life

There is one fundamental rule in caregiving that no one can seem to follow, that is take care of yourself FIRST.  As caregivers journey through the potholes and occasional minefields of caregiving they can become laser focused on the needs of everyone else and by doing so put themselves at risk both emotionally and physically.

Persons who care for those in need risk burnout and compassion fatigue that can affect their health and relationships with those around them.  Caregivers must be reminded to make self-care a priority by setting healthy boundaries and developing healthy stress responses.  When caregivers care for themselves they provide better care for others.

Stress Management – the Reality of Overload

Seminar participants will be able to:

  • Identify symptoms of overload
  • Identify obstacles in the way of managing stress
  • Apply useful solutions for stress reduction
  • Set realistic goals and develop a plan for positive outcomes for future responses to stress
  • Reveal practical habits for daily self-care

Eternally 12 – Growing into the Caregiver Role. – Family dynamics – these two words conjure up all types of emotions for caregivers and no matter how old you are, when it comes to your parents you are still the child, even if you are a health care professional.  It sometimes feels like there is an ongoing internal battle between our adult self and our inner child.  However the reality is there is no need to continue this internal conflict as that power to end the battle is simply a matter of choosing to do things differently.

Laughing through the Tears, Finding Humor in Caregiving – Caring for a loved one as they age can be stressful and, at times, awkward.  During the caregiving journey most caregivers encounter situations that can send even the most well-balanced of persons over the edge.  Unexpected humorous moments are very common in caregiving, as well as in everyday life.  Caregiving can be enlivened by the unprompted remarks and unintentional antics of both an elderly parent and well-meaning supporting family and friends.

Marriage, Kids and Grandpa – Support for the “Sandwich Generation”

Do you find yourself “sandwiched” between the needs of your children and the needs of an aging parent?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of work, home and caregiving?  Do you sometimes have to cancel time with your children to care for an aging loved one?  Then this is the program for you.